C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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N'Aton Two Fires by Nema

The Ritual of the Temple of N'Aton

by Andre Consciencia


At the centre: Nun and Yod

East: chalice of air, aleph, the fool

Southeast: Samekh

South: Pentacle of Fire and Tav, The Universe

Southwest: Ayin

West: Wand of Water, Ayin, the devil

Northwest: Samekh

North: Dagger of the Earth, Nun, death


   1. A banishment performed clockwise vibrating N'Aton and spreading the

1. N'Aton

   1. The magickian, standing at the centre, will then, after meditation
   and purification by any other means chosen, move to East vibrating Nia
   (Nun-Yod-Aleph) *1
   2. At East, he will raise the cup filled of air and vibrate: "By the
   Fool", tracing aleph with it:


   3. Moving towards south, he will envision a sun made of air standing
   in his cup. There he will imagine gathering fire enough to materialize a
   pentacle. And he will materialize it inside his physical pentacle, taking it
   into the cup at south. "the Universe is created"; and he will trace a Tav
   with his weapon:
ת *2
   4. Moving towards west, he will see the light at the chalice take the
   shape of a bleeding eye, filling it. Reaching down at his destination, let
   the magickian imagine he accumulates water with power enough to materialize
   a wand, and let it be his physical wand then, with which he will mix the
   elixir of the chalice "and redeemed by the devil", tracing once more with
   the chalice of air, Ayin:
ע *3
   5. The Magickian will then, at northwest, visualize the elixir still
   spinning and turning into Sirius. At North he will take his dagger, dive it
   in the chalice and then stab it in the ground "with death". He will be
   tracing a Nun: 
נ   *4
   6. Moving towards east once more, let him stop at northeast and
   formulate the chalice as a mouth, and joining mouths, let him drink of the

   7. At east, allow the magickian to return to the centre vibrating
   "AIN", and carrying his cup.

2. Meditaion

   1. At the centre, let the magickian sit and meditate, visualizing a
   serpent wrapped around a black stone at the base of his spine; let the
   serpent feel his spine, and the energetic spots. Feel your cackra vortexes,
   enticing the serpent to penetrate through them, and let the serpent climb
   all the way up to the crown cackra, focusing on the survival urges
   attributed to each cakra. *5
   2. The Magickian will then invoke his Holy Guardian Angel through the
   cup (functioning as the mirror), and let him become as unto his HGA, and
   being IT, let IT anchor upon his personality.
   3. This being done, allow the Magickian to expand his perception to
   all his possible selfs, all the selfs from his might have beens, all his
   past selfs, all his present selfs, his parallel selfs and all his future
   selfs, all of his bodies selfs, all his selfs, all the concrete and all the
   abstract selfs, finding by nature his sole centre: and thus will he evoke
   the nature of N'Aton, and he shall carry on until the consciousness of
   N'Aton is attained.
   4. The mutated Magickian will now repeat step 8 yet let N'Aton replace
   the serpent, or take the shape of a Serpent of his likeness; and let the
   magickians spine be as the column of the cosmos, where N'Aton will be
   meeting the Forgotten Ones themselves as cosmic forces, transcending them to
   find TAT.
   5. And having done this to the end, let him lie in ecstasy and expand
   even unto all the selfs from all the selfs of everyone and everything.
   6. He shall have the "Serpent" or whatever is there, descending to the
   Base Cackra, grounding the Double Counsciousness.


   1. From the centre to East: "Nia"
   2. At northeast let him utter "By the same mouth", when he will join
   his mouth to the chalice of air, as if the chalice is a mouth, and he will
   blow and pour the elixir into it, tracing a Peh:  
פ  *6
   3. He will place the dagger stained with dirt in the chalice, as if
   distilling venom, leaving the elixir to rot. At northwest, from the elixirs
   decomposition forms the light of Sirius "the inner sun came into being", and
   the magickian will trace a Samekh: 
ס *7
   4. He will mix the elixir with the wand of water, and at Southwest it
   will turn into a bloody eye, "that the devil divided in loving dance",
   tracing the Ayin:
   5. And standing at south, as if creating the Pentacle of Fire, the
   Magickian will take it out of the chalice and put it on the ground.
   6. At Southeast "masking outer sun's illusion", tracing Samekh.
   7. Leave the chalice at East.

   1. Banish anti-clockwise, spreading the flame and uttering "IPSOS"