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By Nema

 It is suggested the celebrant bathe and rinse the body with the
 traditional hyssop-water as a preceremonial ablution/preparation. The
 Temple shall be appointed and arranged as follows:

 The altar shall be bare. The Circle, which is the boundary of the
 Universe, shall be scribed astrally. About its circumference are
 arranged the following:

 To the South, the Wand and candleflame.

 To the West, the Chalice and vessel of water.

 To the North, the Pantacle and a small mound of earth.

 To the East, the Sword and the feather.

 Central is a vessel of oil (pure olive oil or one's personal scent);
 small quantities, in appropriate containers, of salt, rice, and milk;
 one's "badge of office" - robe, crown, or ring; a vessel of wine.

 Enter naked.

 Approach the Circle from the South, in the Sign of the Enterer. Walk
 the Circle deosil, and at the East, assume the gesture of
 Heru-Pa-Kraat. Banish, according to the rite given previously. Face
 the center of the Circle and proclaim:

 "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

 "By the same mouth that declares the Law, shall the Will be spoken and
 the Work be vowed.


  Extend the arms upward, palms to the sky.

  "To NUIT!

  "By HADIT!

  "In the Name of RA-HOOR-KHUIT!"

 Proceed to the South, stand before Wand and candle flame, facing
 outward. Take up the Wand in the right hand, pass it through the
 flame, hold it aloft, saying:

 "This Wand is the weapon of my Will. It is the phallus of my spirit,
 the sceptre of my Kingdom."

 Turn to the center of the Circle, pour a few drops of oil upon the
 Wand, and return to the South, facing outward. Rub the oil into the
 Wand: as you do so, chant then Name SHAITAN-AIWASS - loudly at first,
 then diminishing to a whisper. Breathe the whispered Name into the Wand
 as you anoint it. Then:

 "In the Name SHAITAN-AIWASS, I will work for the manifestation of the
 Law of Thelema. I will work for the establishment of Truth, Balance and
 Justice in the Kingdom. I will work for the evolution of the Universe."

 Keep silence for a space, then, with Wand in hand, proceed to the West.
 Place the Wand before the Chalice. Take up the Chalice, ririse it with
 the water, hold it aloft, saying:

 "This Chalice is the weapon of my Love. It is the yoni of my spirit,
 the Graal of my Kingdom. "

 Proceed with the anointing as with the Wand, this time using the Name

 "In the Name BABALON-MAAT, I love thee, NUIT, all that is, and is not!
 I love thee, Lord PAN, god of living beauty! I love thee, Man, sleeper
 in the night of pain and madness."

 Keep silence for a space, then, with Wand and Chalice, proceed to the
 North. Place the weapons before the Pantacle. Take up the Pantacle,
 rest it upon the earth, then hold it aloft, saying:

 "This Pantacle is the weapon of my Bodies. It is the Word of my spirit,
 the seal of my Kingdom."

 Proceed with the anointing as above, using the Name NUIT-HADIT. Then:

 "In the Name NUIT-HADIT, I am King and Mage. I am Priest, Hermit,
 Warrior, and Fool. I am the Dancer of the Mask; the Mask conceals

 Keep silence for a space. Then, with the three weapons, proceed to the
 East. Place them before the Sword. Take up the Sword, touch it to the
 feather, hold it aloft. saying:

 "This Sword is the weapon of my Mind. It is the sentinel of my spirit,
 the warrior of my Kingdom."

 Proceed with the anointing as above, using the Name

 HERU-RA-HA. Then:

 "In the Name HERU-RA-HA, I know that we dream as we dance. I know the
 Law that governs the play of the dream. I know that I am as much
 illusion as the rest of the Dream."

 Leaving the weapons assembled in the East, return to the center. Anoint
 the Chakras with the oil, saying:

 (At base of spine) "I dedicate and consecrate my body of flesh to the
 Great Work. I will keep it in strength and health to this end."

 (Genitals ) "I dedicate and consecrate my astral body and sexual power
 to the Great Work. I will make love only under Will, and always to

 (Navel) "I dedicate and consecrate my etheric body and my Chi to the
 Great Work. I will fight as warrior and brother, and will strike low
 and hard."

 (Heart) "I dedicate and consecrate my complete identity, Inner and
 Outer, to the Great Work. All that I am, yea, to the last drop of
 blood, I pour into the Chalice of our Lady BABALON."

 (Throat) "I dedicate and consecrate my speech and my silence to the
 Great Work. I will speak only Truth, and keep silence forever within."

 (Third Eye ) "I dedicate and consecrate my vision to the Great Work. I
 will behold all things with clarity, making no difference between any
 one thing and any other thing, soever."

 (Back of skull) "I dedicate and consecrate my Observer, the True
 Self, to the Great Work. I will accept my non-existence, and again
 become Tao."

 (Top of skull) Silence.

 Put on the ring/crown/robe. Take up the vessels of salt, rice and milk.
 Beginning at the South, cast a few grains/drops beyond the circle at
 each compass-point, saying.

 "To thee, SHAITAN-AIWASS, are the kingdoms of the Kingdom."

 (West) "To thee, BABALON-MAAT, are the kingdoms of the Kingdom."

 (North) "To thee, NUIT-HADIT, are the kingdoms of the Kingdom."

 (East) "To thee, HERU-RA-HA, are the kingdoms of the Kingdom."

 Return to the center with the vessels. Take the wine to the East. Pour
 wine into the Chalice. Take up the Wand, and proceed with VIII*, making
 sure the Elixir flows onto the Wand.

 Transfer the Elixir to the wine: using the Wand, stir to commingle. Dip
 the Sword-point into the Chalice, so the fluid runs down the blade.
 Spill a few drops upon the Pantacle.

 Turn to the center of the Circle, holding the Chalice in the left hand,
 the Wand in the right, and declare:

 "I will pursue the Great Work to its completion. I will continue from
 life to life, from world to world; yea, until the end of Time, until
 the evolution of the Universe be domplete. This is my Work, my Word, my
 Will, my Love."



 Drink from the Chalice, to the final drop. Place the weapons upon the

 "So mote it be.

 "Love is the law, love under will.

 The closing banishment is done by making the Mark of the Beast at each
 station deosil, as follows:

 South:     (0) In the Name SHAITAN

 S. W.:     (0) In the Name AIWASS

 We st:     (0) In the Name BABALON

 N. W.:     (0) In the Name MAAT

 North:     (0)  In the Name NUIT

 N. E.:     (0)  In the Name HADIT

 East:      (0)  In the Name RA-HOOR-KHUIT

 S. E.:     (0)  In the Name HERU-PA-KRAAT.