C   O   N   T   E   N   T   S 
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Double Current Feather Consecration

(while standing upon the earth, raise your chosen feather to the sky and say)

At the still point of spirit

in the judgment hall of Truth

I seal the sign of ongoing balance,

this feather that bears the sky-gods in motion.

Here is a counter-weight to my heart,

and the quill-plume of the Scribe.

(pass the feather through incense smoke)

May this carry my soul as a whirling wind

high to the heights of the storming sky

and the curving arch of purple night.

Spiral higher in timeless flight,

reveal the pattern of the dance.

(pass the feather quickly over the fire, so that light shines through)

Born to touch the burning stars

the pulse of life within the heart

beats to the turning of day and night.

The honey-gold nectar of solar flame

ignites rainbow wings of rising life.

(splash the feather with water)

The sea-bird wheels in silent hunting

then swifter than the wave descends

with dark death riding her claws;

diving deep among ocean's mysteries

to seize the gold and silver fish.

(touch the feather to altar-stone)

By the single breath behind many masks

that speaks creation's silent word

I wield the power of this symbol:

The double force of Vulture and Hawk,

the circling serpent, the Aeon's black flame.

(hold the feather to your heart)

By Nu who conceals Hadit, and Had the seed of Nuit!

By Horus and Harpocrates, who go forth and return!

By Babalon, who guards the Grail

and rides upon the sun-crowned Beast!

I charge this feather with magicks of Maat,

She who was, is Not, and shall be:

Who stands between pillars dark and bright

crowned with the radiant feather of truth,

wrapped in the veil of the triple beyond

and giving the sign of millions-of-years.

Tahuti speaks the Words of Ages,

Pan pipes the music for the double-wanded dancer.

Ychronos, conjure it!   Chthonos, conjure it!

Abrahadabra!   Ipsos!

(make the sign of silence, touching the feather to your lips)

~ Shade Oroboros