The Gate of The Horus Maat Lodge stands open before you, enter and join with the Praxis of the Double Current or leave, as you Will.

The Double Current:

That of Horus, the fiery energy of the vibrant and explosive age we live in today: the 93 Current. Through Love and Will, we channel the Red Flame of Passion. / The Current of Maat, The ‘Future Aeon’ – Omega Point when N’Aton, the united consciousness of Humanity, awakens: the 696 Current. Through Love and Will, we channel the Black Flame of Balance.

We bring these together: 2=0

93> 418 <696



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The symbol of the Horus Maat Lodge

The Courtship Of Ma’at

THE COURTSHIP OF MA’AT Justice is the sword of an angel Prodding your heart open and stuffing it wit...

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Justin Patrick Moore and On The Way to the Peak of Normal

Justin Patrick Moore is a long time participant with the Horus Ma’at Lodge, an activist for th...

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Current Elevenstar (11*) Working

Greetings! On the Dark Moon of every month, the Horus Ma’at Lodge does its Elevenstar Working...

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Third Quarter Moon

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